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Living in a save environment is leaving fresh and green, it is best developement mankind can attain.

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Look through the whole and imagine what Environment Go! Imagines of a totally green environment, Awesome Imagination.

How Does It Feel To Lie On A Save Green Lawn Thanking God For Nature?

To Environment Go!, It feels perfect and breath-taking.

Effects Of Poor Sanitation On The Environment

You want to know about the effects of poor sanitation on the environment ? That way the armpit smells when you dodge taking your birth, that's the effect of poor body hygiene or poor body management so relate it same way to the environment.

When we fail to sanitize the environment properly, it fires back and we suffer the consequences.

How does sanitation affect the environment ? Inadequate sanitation, particularly in the context of urbanization, allows for sewage or waste to flow directly into streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands, affecting coastal and marine ecosystems, fouling the environment and exposing millions of children to disease, including you.

You are not save by pumping water from a borehole to drink, that water too can get contaminated when we neglect the environment so never act like you don't care!

The absence of adequate sanitation has a serious impact on health and social development, especially for children. This contamination is a major cause of diarrhoea, the second biggest killer of children in developing countries, and leads to other major diseases such as cholera, schistosomiasis, and trachoma.
Does it scare you to here that? Uh, I see. Let it scare you too to pollute the environment, let the change begin with you, start from your little end and watch it spread to the whole world.

Last time I talked about the effect of erosion on the environment and tagged it as natural disaster, it would be bad suffering natural disasters and man-made disasters too by polluting the environment. From your corner, have a rethink.

For those who still passes feces careless in bushes and pathways, you should know that Human excreta have been implicated in the transmission of many infectious diseases including cholera, typhoid, infectious hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, and ascariasis.
If you must defecate elsewhere rather than a toilet, then dig a hole for your partner and pass it into the hole! ...and make sure you cover it properly.

Effects Of Poor Sanitation On The Environment are just uncountable, just any bad effect of poor environmental sanitation you can think of. Take a look at my own list below.

Effects Of Poor Sanitation On The Environment

  1. Higher disease rate
  2. Higher mortality rate
  3. unavailability of adequate environment for life
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What Is Environment Sanitation ? See All You Should Know

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What Is Environment Sanitation ? what do you really see as Environment Sanitation ? keeping the environment neat or managing waste properly or some other thing? Hang on as I take you deeper on what Environment Sanitation really means.

What Is Environment Sanitation ? See All You Should Know

According to, Environmental sanitation means the art and science of applying sanitary, biological and physical science principles and knowledge to improve and control the environment and factors therein for the protection of the health and welfare of the public.

That seems to be too much grammar right? I bet you don't like complex definitions of therms, I don't prefer them either. Why not we check out another definition before we go on?

According to environmental sanitation is the act and process of keeping the surrounding clean and safe for human habitation.

I guess that's is a more better definition in therms of simplicity, very short and easy to remember, if not for anything, maybe for examination sake.

But then it is best to have the knowledge of something than to copy lines and quote to pass interviews and exams. If you are truly passionate about the environment you should be fascinated with environmental related studies because it is only in that way that you can help keep the environment save and sustainable.
Lets see some components of environmental sanitation that is necessary to make mention of here.


  1. clean and safe water supply
  2. clean and safe ambient air and vebtilation
  3. efficient and safe waste disposal
  4. protection of food from contaminants
  5. adequate housing in clean and safe surroundings
  6. Proper management of animal reservoirs
In my own words, environmental sanitation involves the sanitary of the environment and should not only be an activity to be carried out but a culture that should be learned and practiced religiously, if we keep the environment neat and save then we too are by far save, so why shouldn't we care?

You can check out environmental pollution here to see the need for sanitation.

You feel like reading more? You can check out my post on effects of environmental pollution.

I care, I hope you too do. Caring about the environment surely entices...
My articles always short you know, watch out, I soon flow again.

See List Of 24 hour animal hospitals Near You

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 24 hour animal hospital
There are many people out there looking for 24 hour animal hospital that they can rely on for emergency animal treatment. Below is the list of some 24 hour animal hospital that you can rely on for your animals health.

See List Of 24 hour animal hospitals Near You

Emergency Vet & Veterinary Service: 24 Hour Animal Hospital
Emergency vet services & animal hospital open 24 hours. Compassionate care. Board certified specialists in Waukesha, Grafton & Racine. Call (262) 542-3241

Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services
VSES provides veterinary specialists & emergency veterinary care around the clock to pets in Rochester NY & the surrounding area.

Animal Medical Center: 24-Hour Veterinary Care
24 hour vet clinic proudly serving the Midlothian and Richmond Metro area.

Animal Emergency & Specialty - 24-Hour Animal Hospital in Kirkland
Animal Emergency & Specialty is the premier, family-owned 24-hour animal hospital on Seattle's Eastside.

Waldorf Emergency Animal Hospital
Waldorf Emergency Care provides 24 hour emergency animal care for all treatments and animals. 

Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield
The Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield is ready 24/7 to provide compassionate, high quality care for your pet. Your pet's needs and care are their primary focus.

Avets is a specialty and emergency hospital open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Located in Monroeville, they have served Western Pennsylvania and the tri-state area for over 20 years.

Maine Veterinary Medical Center 
24/7 Emergency Animal Hospital In Scarborough

Jefferson Animal Hospitals
Jefferson Animal Hospital, Outer Loop, is a 24 hour emergency and full service animal hospital in Louisville KY.

I hope this list of 24 hour animal hospital would be of help to you. I shared the hospitals alongside their official websites for easier and more effective communication.